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Shared Web Hosting

Extremely fast, secure and user-friendly website hosting for your successful online Businesses.

Free Reliable Hosting with 99% Uptime

Well What does that mean ? When you choose Bal World Technologies for your Bussiness for Web Development you get Free Hosting as long as you partner with Us.

We have affiliated with biggest and most reliable Web Hostings services to make sure, we deliver the Best to our Clients.

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Free domain & free SSL - already included

Improve your website security and SEO rankings by getting SSL security certificate. We are including free domain and free SSL certificate just for our Clients.

Not Just that, What about Renewals ? Dont Worry! We have taken care of that too, As Long as you Partner with us, we take care of all your Domain, Hosting and SSL Renewals for Free!

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Technology We Work with

In-house specialists of contemporary web technologies that encapsulate server-side and front-end stacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of your common questions, Feel free to contact us at

What is web hosting?
Every website that you visit consists of a domain name and a web host. The easiest way to picture it is to think of the domain name as the address and the web hosting as the physical building.

When you’re browsing the web and you type in a URL (i.e., your web browser basically queries that domain name (i.e. and asks it where the website is hosted. The browser then loads up the contents that are stored there.

Web hosting is effectively the process of using a server to host a website, and there are all sorts of different types of web hosting available out there on the market.
Why Does Bal World give Web Hosting, SSL, and Domain Name Free?
We Believe, We Grow with our Clients. Getting your Website out there in the World Wide Web, would do Wonders for you, and you Grow your Bussiness, How big or small it is!

Our Clients growth ensures our Growth too. So, if you Choose Bal World Technologies to power your Dreams, we are Happy to Help you Grow.
Why Should I Choose Bal World Technologies?

We Offer services Tailored for your Needs with, lots of Perks like Free Hosting, Domain, and SSL, As long as your Partner with us. But, we recommend you view our Works, to decide and Rate us for yourself.

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I Have a Developed Website. Can I Host it for Free ?
If your have that Doubt, You are Cheeky. But Our Free Hosting, SSL, and Domain name are for our Clients, that trust us with the Development of their Website.
Is Bal World a Hosting Provider ?
No, We partner with our Affiliated/Partnered services for Domain and Hosting.

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Get FREE hosting with all web development plans for lifetime, Start partnering now.

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